Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Real Deal in Revelstoke

It's not every bike ride that you need to check your balance against the prop-wash from a helicopter hovering just above your head as you careen down unknown alpine singletrack..being filmed in the process!

Sarah and I spent last week based in Revelstoke, British Columbia with Kona Bicycles and Sherpas Cinema  to showcase Kona's new 2013 mountain bikes in some of the best riding locations that North America has to offer.  What we came away with was nothing less than legendary.   A fabulous crew of people, perfect weather, world class terrain, the best cinematographers and photographer in the biz, top-notch equipment...not to mention a helicopter, a faithful dog, and an amazing chef (thanks again, Eddy!)

[good] photos courtesy of John Gibson
Rider Eric Goss waiting for the "GO" signal from the heli before dropping in on Frisbee Ridge above Revelstoke.  
Sarah blazing a smooth line through Keystone Standard Basin aboard the new Satori.  It tends to be a real boy's club around Kona, so it was great to have Sarah there to showcase some serious talent from humanity's better half!  Note that she only started riding mountain bikes a couple years ago...and now she's good enough for the movies!! A total natural...and I'm sure that hockey background helps.

Head Sherpas cinematographer Eric Crosland, one of the masterminds behind great works such as the recent ski epic "All I Can"
Finding the right spot on Frisbee Ridge
Demo Dave delivering us safely and swiftly to the trailhead aboard the trusty Kona Team Truck

We spent all day on trails like this!  Keystone Standard Basin.  If you're curious about this area, check out the crew at Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine, the best at capturing the adventurous, natural-resource-driven sense of place that is so easily felt in this corner of the world.

OG mountain bike photographer John "Gibby" Gibson thinking about his next lunch break.  It was such a pleasure to work with Gibby through the week - he's seen it all!  I can actually credit Gibby with indirectly influencing my initial attraction to the sport. It was one of Gibby's pictures that captured my imagination when I picked up my first mountain bike magazine back in 1997.  I've had the picture on my wall for years, and it was great to finally meet the man behind the shot!  
Another legend, Joe Schwartz, long-time Kona rider, one of the pioneers of the freeride scene.  My friends and I definitely used to get stoked watching Schwartzy tear it up in the NWD and Kranked films.  It was cool to think of two riders with such different riding backgrounds to meet in the middle on the all-mountain scene.  Getting to know Joe and dropping in with him on these great trails was a highlight of the year.  
Sometimes the prop-wash from the chopper was strong enough to knock you off balance

Aboard the newly redesigned Abra Cadabra at Keystone Standard Basin

Eddy Marcelet of Kona - logistics master, grill artist, chef extraordinaire!  Incredible meals waiting for us at the beginning and end of each day!
outrunning the heli 
Kona Marketing Director Mitchell Scott lining out the crew on the final shot of the day
Aboard the new Rove in Meadow Creek

some cold Kootenay brew at sunset

I came away from the Revelstoke shoot with a fresh sense of things, a reassuring sense of the depth of the experience that is cycling.  Amidst my own personal swirl of racing, results, training, travel, sponsorship, image,  career, hobby, road, off-road, day-job/bike-job, skinsuits and body armor, and everything in between...an affirmation that it's a great place to be, and a great thing to share.  Thanks to everyone involved.  Until next time!


  1. Livin the life! I am jealous!
    I imagine Fred is too!

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