Personal Sponsors:

The Kona Bicycle Company provides the top-notch bicycles and additional equipment via the team sponsors (below*)...they also provide the main remunerative piece of the puzzle, as well as the opportunity to work closely with the product development and marketing departments to create bikes that will motivate and inspire all kinds of people toward a healthy, active life.

Clif Bar provides premier sports-oriented nutrition products, as well as financial support. Not only are ClifBar products healthy and delicious, the company is also dedicated to responsible sourcing for its products, and is an excellent source of nutritional guidelines.

Stages Cycling provides state-of-the-art power meters which measure power output (in watts) while riding - this information is important for designing and implementing the most effective,   science-based training regimen possible.

Superfeet provides specialty insoles which help adapt the relatively flat, 2-dimensional midsoles of stiff bike shoes to the 3-dimensional shape of the foot, improving fit, stability and power.

High Above, Bellingham-based purveyor of high-quailty, handmade riding accessories, provides hip packs designed to carry all of one's trail essentials - no frills, yet still luxurious.

Trailhead Athletics provides instruction for strength training - an inspiring gym and fun group of people where I can feel confident that I am tuning my body to perform at its best.

*Kona Factory Endurance Team Sponsors:

Shimano for drivetrain, wheels and pedals

Maxxis for tires

Wilderness Trail Bikes for saddles

MRP for suspension

JackRoo for tight shorts

Giro for helmets and shoes

Smith Optics for eyewear

Full Speed Ahead Components for headsets