Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big Days...

big days on the bike are good for the soul

while there is a lull in the race activity, not letting a summer weekend go to waste

10k+ of vert in just under 50 miles - Greenwater area trails

In many ways, getting rides like this under your belt are more satisfying than making a big deposit in the bank account

Rendezvous Hut in Winthrop, WA

Staying well-fueled

Analog map!

Good spot for lunch

Up and over Angel Staircase, Okanogan Nat'l Forest

View from top of Angel Staircase, 8000' AMSL

Sarah shredding...

...still shredding


Summit Trail en route to Horsehead Pass...

Up and over another 8000' pass...then 7 miles of downhill back to the truck

On the edge at the top of Cutthroat Pass - note Reverb post + Entourage = incredible backcountry bike

Putting the Entourage back to its primary use after 2000' climb