Friday, October 18, 2013

The Harvest

Autumn is a time of work. In the Old World (or parts of today's world that operate with greater dependency on rain and sun than on iPhones and internet), Autumn is synonymous with the harvest.

I spend far too much time with iPhones and internet to do any harvesting in the classical sense, but in the spirit of the season, I've reflected on the regular work I put in to gather my bounty.  So, there's the local organic fruit and vegetable stand down the street...

A week during the harvest season involves:

The home office(s):
Fueling and researching for Office A:

Analyzing and preparing for Office B:

Traveling to Office B:

 Sitting around in Office B:

Chair for Office B:

...meanwhile, Chair(s) for Office A:

...meanwhile, working hard in Office B:

 ...later, cleaning up and checking back in to Office A (this time away from home):

 ...the next few days...performing diligently in Office A:

...Temporarily enjoying the view from Office A:

Checking up on my performance back in Office B:

...then finally...go home and take a break from both Offices, play in back yard with Sarah to ensure happiness and ability to maintain focus and enjoyment when back at Offices:

...and the harvest continues...

Next time, a review of the season's bounty.

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