Saturday, November 6, 2010

trail blazin'

On one of the last weekends before the snow started to fly in the Cascades, my housemate Sarah and I ventured south to explore some new trails just south of Randle, WA. As proud as I was of myself for scoping out the ride on new trails, I couldn't believe I was only just discovering this area as a place to mountain bike. The area around Blue Lake is primarily a moto destination, but the potential for mountain biking is huge. The trails are not easy by any means. We plowed through 9000' of climging in just 30 miles. It was like backcountry ski tour meets mountain bike ride. In a day when shuttling has become the norm, it felt like somewhat of a novelty to spend 7 hours earning the downhill the hard way. There were so many exquisite details about the ride, all adding up to an unforgettable day. It finished with 8 miles of eye-watering fast, religious experience good downhill straight to the car. A Saturday well-spent. The biggest highlight of the day was that Sarah, having only started mountain biking this spring, piloted her new Kona Kula Deluxe all the way and was ready to come back for more! Most people with four times her experience would not even attempt what she did. Can't wait to go explore this place next season.

On top of Juniper Peak

Kona 120 Supreme, shredding

...and speaking of shredding...

my MOM did her first 'cross race ever on a mud filled day at PIR. Mom, I'm so proud, I don't even know where to start. Here she is mashing the run-up:

Watch out, she's fast, and she even got on the news!

In other news, I've been hitting the cyclocross scene, starting with the Boulder Cross Cup this last Halloween weekend in CO. That's Tonkin chasin' me down. He couldn't catch me on Saturday, but he got be back on Sunday. After a good break from serious racing and training after worlds, I'm looking forward to 'Cross Nationals in Bend, and hopefully nabbing some UCI points in the meantime.

Muddy day at PIR Cross Crusade. 3rd place after a broken seat clamp on the 2nd lap.

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