Thursday, August 26, 2010

getting things started in Windham

Arrived late Wednesday night in Albany, NY. This is the longest break I've taken from working at Ridgeline ( since I started two years ago, but thanks to the amazing support and encouragement from my supervisors and colleagues (and doing my best to finish up any loose ends before leaving), it is a well-timed and welcome break.

August 28th - World Cup Series Finals, Windham, NY
September 4th, World Championships, Mt. St. Anne, QC (the big one)

I'm on site for the first race of the trip, the World Cup Series Finals in Windham, NY. It's the first time a World Cup has been in the US since Angel Fire, NM in 2005. The elite men XC is on Saturday. I'm starting #100 out of 124 riders. The climbs should favor passing, but it will be a challenge. For the last two years this race has been part of the US Cup series, so the course is familiar.

The Windham race will be good prep for World Championships in Mt. St. Anne the following weekend. It's been over a year since I've competed in an international event, so having a chance to experience the intensity of a World Cup before racing in the big one will be good. I got the long plane flight out of my legs today with a spin on the road, and am looking forward to testing out the course tomorrow. The dirt should be tacky and fast. The Kona 120 is all ready to go, and recently perked up with a new set of wheels from Stans NoTubes. Thank you Stans!! ( They feel very fast. For those who care, Stan's products are the industry standard for tubeless tire technology, not to mention a great product for the privateer racer. I don't have to worry anymore about finding an air compressor to get my tires seated. That's nice when you don't travel with the perks of a factory team.

This shot is from last weekend which I spent with the whole family up on Lopez Island, WA. The last family photo I posted was almost complete, but this time my brother Adam was able to fly out from Boston and we got him out on the bike, too! It's rare and special when all six of us can be in the same place. A great weekend of r&r before the big trip.

More to come....thanks for reading.

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